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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a Skip on the road or pavement outside my property?

Yes, but only if you apply for a Highways Permit from the Local District Council. These are obtained by Think Recycling on your behalf, and the council fee is added to the cost of the skip. The cost of the permit can be calculated using our online quotation system. We will supply cones to place around the skip.

Will the skip damage my Driveway?

No. All our vehicles use a vertical chain-lift, skip loader unit, which means the skip is not dragged across the surface of the drive, it is gently lowered into place by our experienced operators. If you require us to place a skip in a difficult or hazardous position i.e. over manhole covers or across grass areas we will ask you to sign a ‘hirer accepts responsibility’ document.

What can I not put in the skip?

The following items are not accepted in our skips: – Refrigerators, Freezers, Tyres, Asbestos Roofing Sheets, unsealed oil or paint cans. If any of these types of waste are found in the skip they will be returned to the hirer or an extra charge may apply.

How much waste can I put in the skip?

All skips must be filled level with the top of the container. This is because overloaded skips can cause the vehicle to exceed its legal weight limit, which in turn could lead to our drivers being fined up to £1000. Unsafe loads can also present a hazard to other road users. Any skips filled excessively will either have the excess waste removed or an extra charge will be applied.

Can I put different types of waste in the skip?

Yes. Unlike some other skip firms, we operate a recycling centre so all our skips are tipped here and the waste is segregated accordingly to be recycled. So we save you the time and effort of separating your own rubbish. This means both soils, brick etc can be placed in the same skip as household and commercial waste.

Can I burn rubbish in a skip?

No. Under no circumstances can a fire be lit inside a skip. This is a contravention of Fire Safety Guideline No.16 and also damages the skip and its paintwork, which can have implications for Health and Safety. Any person, who causes a fire will have the contents of the skip deposited on their property, will also be liable for the re-painting cost of the skip, and their details will be passed to the Environment Agency and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service who may prosecute the hirer.

How soon can I get a skip?

One days’ notice is required for all skip deliveries, but we will attempt to meet all orders as soon as possible.

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